Sunday, July 24, 2005



Anonymous BLUESMAN said...

yes he is also a great man

July 24, 2005

Blogger Jallal said...

A great achievement indeed!

Do you think he will be viewed as the best athlete ever? We’ll see if he overtops the likes of Muhammad Ali, Pelé, M. Jordan, Pete Sampras (14 Grand Slams!), M. Schumacher or Tiger Woods. As far as I’m concerned, I think it’s very hard to agree on a ranking gathering all sports. It would me more accurate to just stick to rankings for each sport separately. Even in this case, it’s hard to know the truth. Is Lance Armstrong better than Bernard Hinault or Miguel Indurain? Yes if we take into account only the number of titles. But there are other factors, mostly the competitiveness in every era. For me it’s hard to decide. Anyhow, what Lance Armstrong has done, overcoming cancer and then wining 7 Tour de France titles in a row is unique in history.

July 25, 2005

Blogger Jawad said...


He is really special that's for sure.


I don't think a consensus will ever be reached on that - it never has in the past by the way. However, to me Lance is without a shadow of a doubt the Best Athlete Ever that I know. All those athletes you have mentioned are great but they did not survive cancer only to win seven super bowl-equivalents of their sport. I love Ali and Jordan but Lance had to overcome a whole lot more to be great – not long ago he was told to make funeral arrangements and say his goodbyes - The inner strength and hope that he inspires are overwhelming in my opinion. But again, it is ultimately a matter of opinion.

July 25, 2005

Blogger KNL said...

Wow. I can't even imagine what it takes to win ONE Tour de France, let alone SEVEN!


July 25, 2005

Anonymous Larbi said...

En effet Jawad, Armstrong est un grand sportif.
Dimanche dernier j’ai la chance de le voir à 1mètre de moi, puisque le tour est passé en bas de mon immeuble.
Armstrong est parmi les géants de ce monde, non pas parce qu’il a gagné sept fois le tour mais surtout parce qu’il a démontré que la volonté peut bouger des montagnes !
Il était malade d’un cancer, les médecins lui donnaient à peine 15 % de chances de survie. Ses sponsors et ses amis l’ont lâché. Il est resté seul face à son destin face à sa maladie. Il a pris sur lui et a affronté la chimiothérapie et les opérations médicales. Puis il a resurgit et il est revenu au cyclisme réalisant un exploit extraordinaire.
L’homme qui a remporté sept fois la grande boucle revenait de loin, de très loin. Quel bel exemple de la détermination et de la volonté qui peuvent pousser l'individu à réaliser des miracles !

July 26, 2005

Blogger laurenbove said...

Consider his testicular cancer in that amazement. I cannot imagine triumphing over those odds to go on and regain the top position in your chosen sport.

Triumph of the body mind and spirit. A true hero in all categories.

(not to mention a great musican for a girlfriend. You HAVE to check out her Cheryl Crow and Friends Live in Central Park album.)

July 28, 2005

Anonymous Sonia said...

Hi everybody,

I wonder somehow if it is not a little bit frustrating for other sportsmen, for coming after these giants... Winning again 7 Tours de France, or now, 8!... Can you imagine: you want to be the best in your category, and your benchmark is ... an unbelievable achievement! You just believe because you have the evidence it happened, otherwise you would never said it would happen...

July 28, 2005

Blogger Jawad said...

Welcome Sonia. Do u have an email address? I have a proposition for u :)

July 30, 2005

Blogger Sonia said...

Thank you for welcoming me, Jawad! Well,leave me your proposition on my blog ;-)(this is so complicated!: I just created it 2 days ago and I am lost in the technical features...)

July 30, 2005

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asmaa :

Je suis d'accord avec toi jawad car je pense qu'il a du mérite pour toutes les epreuves qu'il a pu traverser et pour ses exploits au Tour de france..il faut juste faire abstraction sur toutes les rumeurs dont on parle dans les médias françaises (dopage..ect)..décidemment ils m'etonneront toujours avec leur volonté de toujours tout mettre en question....

October 19, 2005

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