Friday, February 10, 2006

'Clash Over Cartoons Is a Caricature Of Civilization'

I strongly recommend reading the following Article by Philip Kennicott, a Washington Post Staff Writer. I find his analysis, unlike others in the press, to be objective and intellectually stimulating. Here is an excerpt:

Religious fundamentalism forced the issue; political fundamentalism inflamed it. An apology for giving offense is now capitulation to religious tyranny; the basic instinct of moderation is equated with cowardice. A little ink on paper is inflated to proof of a basic cultural incompatibility. So political leaders here speak of "the long war," a conflict with no sign of hope on the horizon between East and West. Now, rather absurdly, these cartoons may become part of the intellectual hardening of thought that will sustain the idea, on both sides of the cultural divide.

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Anonymous Al Malih said...

I do agree with him on the analysis part. It is a balanced one, and especially when he remind us that this is a conservative news paper in country where Muslims are not allowed to have grave yards (Muslims burry their death in Sweden)! He is also right that extremists on both sides are inflaming this unfortunate event to push for a clash of civilizations...

But I completely disagree with him, on the solution... "More blasphemous acts"...i.e. pushing more for the liberal agenda, with no respect for anybody that is not liberal...that's also extremism conducted under liberalism...

If you make cartoon of Jesus, you will offend both Christians and Muslims...

The solution is this so called freedom of expression has to be defined more properly...and defining any concept is when you know its borders that separate it from other concepts...

For so many years this freedom of expression has been used as a political weapon to suppress conservatives...what the world is learning today, is that the world (West and East) is more conservative than liberal...liberals has access to more news papers, Hollywood, publishing houses. Therefore they use to be more vocal...

February 13, 2006


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